Monday, 29 August 2011

To boldly go where no one has gone before....

My partner's name is Szymon. Susie's little boy, Will, had trouble saying Szymon and called him "Mushroom" for a time. The name stuck, and now we all call him Mushroom.

When I first started seeing Mushroom I was under the delusion that he was "cool". Then one day, while perusing through his book shelf, I saw his Star Trek Encyclopedia. The jig was up.

It was Mushroom's birthday the other day and we celebrated with some friends. What a great opportunity to bake a cake! A Star Trek cake! He requested a U.S.S. Enterprise cake. I googled this and there were many cakes shaped like the Enterprise, but they didn't look very good to me (apart from one particular cake which looked like it had been made by a team of professionals, and was big enough to feed the people at a Star Trek convention). So I thought it would be better to make a round cake and make a sugar figurine for the top. This is more up my alley anyway, I just love playing with play dough! (or in this case sugarpaste). In fact, being able to combine baking and play dough is a dream come true for me.

The U.S.S. Enterprise's parts.
I made all the lines on the spaceship with a toothpick, such a professional tool. It didn't take as long as you'd think! Next I had to paint details. I needed gold paint, a red texter and blue food dye, all edible of course. Then I had to wait patiently for the cake to be ready before I could assemble the figurine.
Yadda yadda yadda, white chocolate mud, 2 tiers, long story short...

The assembled figurine atop the space cake. The ball which looks like a mandarin is the planet Vulcan! There was much debate as to whether we should keep the planet or not. We eventually removed it.

The completed cake.
Mushroom, who is an aircraft engineer, informed me of structural errors in the spaceship and why it would be disfunctional. You know, because I was planning on sending it into space!

And without the planet. I can't decide which was best!

So, that's the Star Trek cake!


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  1. Awesome job Kathy. I liked it with the planet made it more space like. I'm impressed with your spaceship too.