Saturday, 13 August 2011

I simply must bake.

I am dieting.  And Katy and I are starting a baking blog.  These two things do not seem to marry.  Oh dear.  Help me!  What am I doing? You see the thing is, diet or not, I simply. must. bake.  It makes my heart sing!  I am trying not to bake for no reason (double negative, I know).  I don't want to see a blog post at seven am and be whipping up a cake at 715.  I need excuses. Any excuse will do!  I wonder if I am going to be making 'Congratulations! You ate your lunch!' cakes...

This week there was no better excuse than the third birthday of a lovely friend of ours.  He loves to eat cake, I love to eat bake cake.  Perfect.

I spend a lot of time reading baking blogs and one blog I particularly love is  She posts the most beautiful baked goods and her photography is spectacular.  I had been on a quest to find a great vanilla cake, or as the Americans call it, a white cake.  Sometimes your frosting is going to be so out of this world that you just want a plain but great tasting cake to compliment it, right? Well I thought I would try her vanilla cake out.

Here is the recipe for anyone who would also like to try it.

It looks so lovely, but this was for a three year old.  It needed to be a bit more obvious.  Enter a three-year-old helper,

some Wilton paste colours and some silver cachous...

and voila, a wonderful cake for a lovely little boy who loves cake.  I originally planned to colour the frosting a vibrant blue but once whipped it was so white and fluffy.  How could I ruin such whiteness and fluffiness? So white and fluffy it stayed.  Incidentally, Sweetapolita credited our very own Donna Hay for the frosting recipe.


Unfortunately I don't have great photos of the inside of our creation but you get the idea.

As you can see the birthday boy was quite excited to taste his cake.  With his fingers!

My little man and I had a great time making this cake. I'm looking forward to the next excuse.  :-)

Susie xx

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